2c Checkout in Payment Gateway Services at HawksCode Softwares


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Execution of Payment Transactions in 2c Checkout

You should give us an exact and right Payment Instrument to finish your Payment Transactions with the Seller. On the off chance that you neglect to furnish us with an exact Payment Instrument, then the next may happen: Your Payment Transaction might be shamefully executed; Your Payment Transaction might be denied;Your Payment Transaction or your Payment Instrument might be set apart as deceitful; Your Payment Transaction might be deferred; or potentially Your Payment Transaction might be blocked. 2Checkout may check with outsiders all data you give us, including your Payment Instrument.

Installment Methods in 2c Checkout

The present installment techniques accessible are credit or charge cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, PayPal, and Pin Debit (Non-repeating U.S.A. exchanges, made in U.S.A. Dollar as it were). 2Checkout may include or evacuate installment techniques with no obligation to you.

Blocked Transactions in 2c Checkout

2Checkout may hinder your Payment Transaction in its sole tact. Furthermore, 2Checkout may hinder the exchange or reject a Payment Transaction in the accompanying conditions: (1) For the security of the Payment Instrument; (2) Suspected unapproved or false utilize; (3) For dangers identifying with 2Checkout’s lawful commitments; (4) For dangers identifying with any Dispute, Chargeback, guarantee, inversion, expenses, fines, or punishments; (5) For dangers identifying with offers of merchandise or administrations from Sellers that are on the Prohibited Products List; (6) if you have surpassed our tote limits, as portrayed underneath; (7) Where it is unlawful to permit the Payment Transaction; or (8) Other conditions where we should keep lawful commitments as an installment administrations supplier, including our lawful commitments under against IRS evasion, hostile to fear monger financing, or comparative related laws.