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Responsive web outline
With Illustrator CC, you’re not restricted to a particular determination. You can make a few artboards (one for every page) website in a solitary Illustrator record to represent how the website page ought to react to various screen resolutions. Joined with Edge Reflow CC, Illustrator empowers a capable work process for responsive web fashioners.
UX prototyping and wireframing
Due to its measured way to deal with working with content and images, Illustrator CC can build your profitability as a web planner. The 9-cut scaling mode is a key element for UI segment prototyping and application designs.
SVG and symbol textual styles
Vector illustrations are a vital part to target high-thickness screens. Artist CC is the application to rapidly draw vector representation. The yield to SVG is regular and clean.

Work process with web designers
Export clean CSS documents from Illustrator CC, and even produce the picture resources specifically to JPEG, PNG, or SVG organize.

Level plan
The present pattern in web outline is spotless and moderate, and Illustrator gives a perfect domain to drawing shapes and trying different things with hues and web text styles.
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