Future of Self Driving Automation Vehicle and Lives Depending on Them


In today’s time many companies are investing in building vehicles having a self-intelligence systems or self-driving vehicles. These vehicles may be smarter than the human and may not commit any error. But these are things that can’t be trusted fully. Still, after seeing these type of vehicles it looks like that the future is already here. This advancement of the technology may put these big companies to rethink their jobs description. They need to rethink where to put the human on helm and where these machines. These machines can save cost, lives and is capable of doing more than other things.

Future of Self Driving Car:

With the great work from the Tesla, Mercedes and BMW there are few of these self-driving cars are on the road. As per a survey report. These cars are making a grid of smart cars connected with each other. Thanks to all those smart systems, sensors, AI and cameras those helps in running these cars in harmony. Waymo has filled its software with 300 years of driving till 2009. It can free up your time, lower your stress, and makes road safe.

Machine Learning Leads to Optimization:

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These automobile device are connected to each other and share tremendous amount of data. These data is shared among many vehicles. This leads you to the safer road. This help you in selecting optimized route and tacking traffics. All these helps in reducing time and human effort in making an efficient transport with the help of these self-driving vehicles.

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Waiting for These may Cause Lives:

As per a research, 37,000 died as result of human driving. Also in same research it was shown that human tolerate mistakes done by machines. But before applying these machine to real road they need to be made nearly perfect.

“We can’t stand idly by while we wait for the perfect, We lost 35,200 lives on our roads last year. … If we wait for perfect, we’ll be waiting for a very, very long time. How many lives might we be losing if we wait?” These words are by Mark Rosekind.

In a research 90 percent of the accidents were made by the human. Human driving is always kept in the doubt. Whether accident happened due to mechanical fault, it is always blamed on human who is driving. These smart self driving car can detect these kind of error before going on the road. So it can prevent accident before it even took place.

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