How Reviews can Affect Local SEO


We people get influenced with the reviews of the others. Whether we are about to buy products or services, we read reviews. We read those reviews for getting idea about the business or product we are about to buy. In this digital time we are making getting help from these reviews to decide what will be good or bad for us. As per some research 90% of the user online read reviews before purchasing services from business. So do you think reviews can Affect Local SEO

Same thing happens with the local business. Local businesses rank gets affected in the local search engine according to their review. I don’t know what you might be thinking right now. May be you need to change your strategies after reading this. May be you are already good to go. What I want to tell here is that reviews can affect few things about your business:

• Your business’s rank in the Local Search Engines.
• Clicks on the Search Result.
• Consumer’s decision on purchasing service.

So we can say that online reviews are as important as On-page SEO or building backlinks. Here in this article we are going to cover few things I have knowledge. Because Local SEO is very different from normal SEO, you need to understand all this.

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How Reviews are Used by Consumers:

When someone starts reading reviews they already have made up their mind about what they are looking for. Thing that make stand here is reviews. It influence consumers mind in getting services from which vendor.

There is very thin line between making up mind and reading reviews. So when one start reading these they either come up with YES or NO. There is no another option that stands between them. As per survey, 85% users read reviews before purchasing products. Also these users read average of 4 to 6 reviews to make their mind. Meanwhile, another research say 90% user’s decision get affected by positive and 86% by negative ones.

Search Engine Ranking:

When it comes to your ranking, user’s opinion really matters a lot. Why? Because search engines want to deliver a trusted result to consumer and to build that they listen to reviews. Engines want to build good relationship with their customers and want them come back. After all everyone want to earn money, why don’t search engines.

According to a analysis report by Moz, reviews covers 10.3% of factors that affect your local ranking. So if your reviews are good your rank will help you grow in good way. But do not use them inappropriately.

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Guidance to Use Reviews:

While you write reviews make sure you write them as user. Do not use them as medium of promotion. If a review is filled with URL, address or phone number it is considered as spam. Also a review must be written to spread awareness not to raise conflicts. If a business is closed then report it instead of writing about it. There must be no links that facilitate with un-prescription drugs or explicit/erotic content. Read full guideline for writing a review by Google.

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