What is an IT Audit?

An IT review is the examination and assessment of an association’s data innovation foundation, arrangements and operations. Data innovation reviews figure out if IT controls secure corporate resources, guarantee information uprightness and are adjusted to the business’ general objectives. IT inspectors look at physical security controls, as well as general business and budgetary controls that include data innovation frameworks.

Since operations at advanced organizations are progressively automated, IT reviews are utilized to guarantee data related controls and procedures are working appropriately.

IS Audit Basics Columns

Since 2002, ISACA has made the material that has been distributed as the IT Audit Basics segment in the ISACA Journal accessible to experts, instructors, and the overall population with an end goal to share imperative data and propel the calling. The segments are sorted out by branch of knowledge file utilizing the occupation rehearse areas of the CISA Credential. The editors, instructors and specialists in the ISACA people group that make these segments trust that you will discover much here that helps you keep on enhancing this spearheading and element field.

-IS Audit Basics Subject Areas

-The Process of Auditing Information Systems

-Administration of the IS Audit Function

-Trust yet Verify, by Ed Gelbstein, Ph.D.

-Is There Such a Thing as a Bad IS Auditor? Section 1, by Ed Gelbstein, Ph.D.

-Past the IT in IT Audit (Part 2), by Tommie Singleton, CISA, CGEIT, CPA

-Evaluating the IT Auditors, by Tommie Singleton, CISA, CGEIT, CPA

Controls in a Computer System

PC frameworks are productive and accomplish comes about precisely and at incredible speed in the event that they work the way they are intended to. They have controls given to guarantee this yet the controls must be successful. The controls are of awesome esteem in any electronic framework and it is a vital assignment for an inspector to see that sufficient controls exist, as well as work successfully to guarantee comes about and accomplish goals.


Likewise controls ought to be comparable with the hazard evaluated in order to decrease the effect of distinguished dangers to adequate levels. Controls in a PC data framework mirror the arrangements, techniques, hones and hierarchical structures intended to give sensible affirmation that goals will be accomplished. The controls in a PC framework guarantee viability and effectiveness of operations, unwavering quality of money related reporting and consistence with the principles and directions.

Data framework controls are comprehensively arranged into two general classes:

  • General Controls
  • Application controls

General controls incorporate controls over server farm operations, framework programming procurement and support, get to security, and application framework advancement and upkeep. They make the earth in which the application frameworks and application controls work. Cases incorporate IT arrangements, benchmarks, and rules relating to IT security and data assurance, application programming improvement and change controls, isolation of obligations, administration progression arranging, IT anticipate administration, and so forth. Application controls relate to particular PC applications. They incorporate controls that assistance to guarantee the best possible authorisation, fulfillment, precision, and legitimacy of exchanges, support, and different sorts of information info. Cases incorporate framework alter checks of the arrangement of entered information to avert conceivable invalid info, framework authorized exchange controls that keep clients from performing exchanges that are not a portion of their typical obligations, and the making of nitty gritty reports and exchange control adds up to that can be adjusted by different units to the source information to guarantee the sum total of what exchanges have been posted totally and precisely.


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