Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Overview


Technology corporation that focuses on the development and implementation of software used on computers and on the World Wide Web. The company’s Microsoft Windows operating system is the most widely used operating system in the world.

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Fundamental Design Goals

The general outline objective for SharePoint Products and Technologies was to bind together and coordinate Windows SharePoint Services as an innovation stage on which to construct items, for example, SharePoint Portal Server 2003. This general objective of unification and incorporation was isolated into four zones:

  • Steady SharePoint Products and Technologies encounter for clients, engineers, and IT experts
  • Consistency and incorporation with the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Incorporated capacity system
  • Dependable Computing: security and dependability

Coordinated Storage Strategy

The long haul methodology for capacity innovation at Microsoft is to exploit SQL Server social database innovation and XML information stockpiling innovation wherever conceivable, and SharePoint Products and Technologies is a showcase case. Aside from the full-content pursuit records made by Microsoft Search advancements, all substance, design data, and other SharePoint Products and Technologies information is put away in SQL Server databases.


Utilizing a solitary, reliable, coordinated information stockpiling stage makes huge favorable circumstances for IT experts and engineers by expanding their profitability and decreasing their everyday improvement, organization, and administration costs.