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When comparing Photoshop and InDesign as web design tools, we have to think back to their history.  InDesign was originally created as a competing product for Quark and was meant to offer same multi-page layout and type controls.  Over time, it expanded into providing web-friendly HTML and CSS export, leveraging Adobe’s expertise in other web-centric products.  Photoshop from the very beginning was an image editing software, even as it added typography, vector objects and web-friendly color space and export. So, we have a layout software and an image editing software and thus the dilemma of comparing apples to oranges in deciding which one is the best tool for web design.
At the point when set against different ranges of craftsmanship and innovation, the web is a moderately youthful medium and things change quick. I’ve made many sites utilizing some variety of the PSD to HTML attitude and I’m certain numerous individuals perusing this have done likewise, yet it’s a great opportunity to proceed onward. Here are the essential reasons why I think thinking as far as PSD to HTML is dead.

We ourselves are a tad biased toward as we cannot force our creative partners to use particular product, we decided to create our own online tools that streamlines web production regardless of design software used:

Photoshop – Web Preflight started out as our own production tool for validating Photoshop artwork against known browser compatibility issues and recently became available as a free online service

InDesign – HawksCode Softwares pty.Ltd Adelaide AU provide service feel free to use our Mac-based app that converts InDesign file into layered Photoshop document, with all content editable as smart objects from within Photoshop

As always, the best tool for the job is what you and your team are most comfortable using in your production workflow. Some agencies prefer quick layouts in InDesign that are presented to clients as PDFs and then transition to web development team as .indd files, at which point web developers do the conversion from InDesign to Photoshop. Others focus on creating pixel-perfect Photoshop master files that serve as basis for individual page layouts and are then transferred to coders as PSDs.
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