Are Self-Driving Cars really Future or Just turning People into Past?


About a year ago when Owner of Automated Tesla died, journalists started putting question on Elon Musk. His future vision for the world was hanging on edge of these question marks. Many have already issues with automated technologies. As this incident happened, nightmare for big companies become real. They are already investing big amount in this and now people are rejecting their work. All this is putting hold to these self driving vehicle.

Journalist are putting negative articles in paper, website and other press release. It is putting envision of Big Fish of this market into a dangerous state. Musk’s envision was to make world where these car will build new future. These car will help old and disables in transportation very freely. It will reduce the traffic and number of the accidents on the road. But a single accident changes all the things.

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Research’s Data:

In research from Pew Research Center, there are many people still scared of these machines. Their past with automation is allowing them to trust these big name’s work. They may have experienced hacking, digital theft or safety defects etc. These are some of those reasons that is causing the doubt.

In that research few numbers appeared. There are still people who don’t want to sit in these cars. They want a human behind these wheels every time. If anything goes wrong, there must be someone to take control in their hand. People made poll on these automated vehicles on “are they safe or not?” Results were like 39% think it is same and 30% think they are threat. This survey dig some question marks on the vehicles manufacturers. People who had bad experience with automation will always doubt on these things.

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Lawmakers and Self-Driving Cars:

For people safety issue Law Makers have to change their mind sets. As per a bill, manufacturer can sell to up to 25,000 automated cars. Thing that causes question mark here is, these cars may not stand on federal safety rules. This number will increase to 1,00,000 after 3 years. Manufacturer don’t even have to testify their vehicles for safety rules until number of exemptions are increased.

Elon Musk have already clarified on LawMakers and their debate on this technology. They are forced to think on whether or not to outlaw manual driving. Because it is still confusing on trusting this artificial intelligence due to risk on human life. Plus point that come here is that you can’t drive and drunk. So it will reduce human error that will result in reduction in number of accidents. Applying these cars on road can same many lives but still the question can’t be put down,

“Are these Automated Car safe for us?”

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