SEO Problems and Errors: Spams and Doorway Pages


In the last session we talked about some of the three SEO black hat problem those can bring disaster on you. Those problem were Automatic Generated Content, Cloaking and Hidden Text. In this session we will be discussing about Doorway pages and Spams. These two also have same threat level as of previous three. They will lead your site penalty or ban by the search engines. Both of these techniques are part of spamdexing. Spamdexing is practices that manipulate the search engine index by creating spams on other sites or your own. Now as these search engines are getting smart, catching these type of practices is easy. So let’s start with Doorway Pages.

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Doorway Pages:

Doorway pages are practice that falls under the black hat SEO. These works as redirecting pages but this redirection takes place without knowledge of user. User have no idea when he get redirected to a new page. That page have no relevancy to the search query.

These pages are generated while any query is searched. These pages are like cloaking. This happens with a fast Meta-Refresh. These are like bridge pages connecting user to an unknown page.

What Google think of it? Doorway pages are created to rank high for specific queries searched. They can lead user to multiple similar pages. But eventually all these pages will lead you to one single page. This ending page usually have no relation with the search query. They can lead you to some intermediate pages those are not as useful as destination page.

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As per Google Webmaster guideline, spams are of two kind. One is user generated and another is comment generated. Sometime good websites also contain spams but these are not generated intentionally by the owner. Some users of these good website generates these kind of spams. These user are malicious users. They use these website only to generate spam for their profit.

Any owner must keep eye on these kind of users. By banning these kind of users and IP from where usual spams is coming he can prevent spams on his website. If these spams are not dealt soon, it will harm you reputation in Search Engine.

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