2c Checkout Functionality in Payment Gateway Services


Hawks Code Soft wares Pty. Ltd AU is global IT Company delivering software, ERP, Mobile Application development services to enterprise worldwide.The Payment Terms constitute a legitimately authoritative understanding amongst you and 2Checkout. 2Checkout’s Terms of Use, Privacy Statement, and Prohibited Products List are thus consolidated into the Agreement by reference. You should survey the Payment Terms completely before utilizing our Service.

Depiction of Our Services in 2c Checkout

Our principle administration is installment preparing. As a major aspect of our Service, we will store data that you give us, including your Payment Instrument. We will utilize this data to prepare your installment through the proper Card system or bank. You may utilize our Service to buy merchandise or administrations from Sellers. 2Checkout gives installment preparing and installment exchange settlement administrations to you, as the Buyer, and to the Seller. 2Checkout does not furnish you with credit. We are not a store organization. 2Checkout is not a gathering to your buy of any item or administration from the Seller. 2Checkout is not a Buyer or a Seller under your exchange with the Seller. 2Checkout is a self-employed entity amongst you and the Seller. 2Checkout can’t control the merchandise or administrations gave by the Seller. 2Checkout does not accept obligation over the products or administrations sold to you by the Seller.

We may lead misrepresentation and other historical verifications. We may defer the handling of Payment Transactions that seem suspicious or include extortion or other offense. We may likewise defer the handling of Payment Transactions that are unlawful or damage the Payment Terms or other 2Checkout approaches.

Repeating Payments in 2c checkout

On the off chance that you have agreed to a Recurring Payment through a Seller’s site, then you thus agree to 2Checkout’s deducting those sums from your Payment Instrument occasionally. 2Checkout may charge your Payment Instrument to process Payment Transactions on the dates that you and the Seller have concurred. 2Checkout is not required to confirm the exactness of the sum or recurrence of the Recurring Payments submitted to 2Checkout by Sellers.