SEO Problems and Errors That You Should Care About


SEO is an important aspect in spreading your business or engaging with your customers. Practices in SEO helps you in getting visible to users. Today we are in very competitive world. To stay ahead of your competitors you will need help of Search Engine Optimizer. But if your SEO is not done in the right way you will face some consequences. There are some practices those are forbidden in SEO. If you perform these practices to rank your website it might result in temporary or permanent ban. Some time it happens unintentionally. One was not trying to do this but these errors takes place. E-commerce sites are best example of this.

Auto Generated Web- Pages:

These auto generated website or pages are usually build for the Google AdSense. There are the website are used just to send or redirect the traffic to the advertisements. These webpages are counted as spams and can face penalties. These pages don’t want any traffic on their domain. They just want to redirect as much possible user to the ad. User will not find any useful content on these pages. For this reason these type of websites are referred as the “MFA (Made for AdSense)”.

These webpages generates title and description from the webpages those are present in the search result. Snippets of real pages are stolen and presented with some randomly generated words. Another way is that they grab the words from the query searched by the user. The scripts generated in snippets is source of this generation.

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Cloaking is like using cover of cover of popular book to sale the normal book. It is like making people see something and search engine something else. Using Cloaking is violation of the Google guideline of white-hat SEO. It happens when the web server return results depending on the cache stored in it not on the basis of search query. As for example:

Serving a page of HTML text to search engine, while showing a page of images or flash to users.
Inserting text or keywords into a page only when a user-agent request the page in the search engine, not a human visitor.

Hidden Text and Links:

Hidden text and Links are another kind of the spam practice that come under black-hat SEO. This practice can do serious damage to your website reputation and you may lose your rank. Also it can result in permanent ban just like cloaking. Do not try to use hidden text in the web page body. You may succeed in fooling the crawler for a while but it will index it one day. As spider find this out you will lose your rank. You can use Hidden Texts in many ways. One is that making text of same color as background. This practice is too weak and Google spider can easily detect this. Or one can use

or spread sheets for putting hidden text in webpages.

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